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Criminal Defence

If you are facing the prospect of a criminal investigation or criminal proceedings, whatever the allegations may be, you need expert legal advice. You can get one, if you use resources from Mike G Law.

We can assist you after an arrest, at a Police interview, during pre-investigation or in Court.  Throughout your case, you will be advised by a qualified solicitor with expertise in such matters, whose knowledge and proactive approach are focused on achieving the best outcome for you with the help of a criminal law attorney.

We understand the potential damage to reputation and career that a criminal case can cause and ensure that you have fast, direct access to your lawyer, so that you have all the advice you need to make informed decisions.

We offer advice in all areas of criminal work, but we can also provide assistance if you are facing a regulatory prosecution (whether doctor, dentist, nurse, accountant or other professional) .

We specialise in the defence of fisheries prosecutions and can offer expert advice in marine criminal law.

At a time when expert advice is essential, we can deliver all the specialist support you need.

Please contact Heather Stratton for more information.