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Information Technology Law

Information Technology (IT) is a rapidly evolving area with new developments occurring almost every day. IT refers to anything related to computing technology, such as networking, hardware, software, the Internet, or the people that work with those technologies. Many companies now have IT departments for managing the computers, networks, and other technical areas of their businesses. Now that we are in the “information age,” it seems IT has become a part of our everyday lives.

Nearly all businesses utilise IT, from the computers they provide to staff to their online presence through the business website. As a result there are a number of potential problems which may arise, be it from the use of a website, a web address, or the storage and use of customer data. Further, the growth of social media and the ease of access to it through mobile devices mean it is now essential that both suppliers and users have the appropriate agreements and protections in place.

The law in this area also evolves and changes as it tries to keep up with, and regulate, advances in the IT field. An example of the ever changing obligations being placed upon businesses is the new EU wide cookie law requiring businesses selling or providing services online to inform users what information is being collected about them when they visit a website and obtain consent.

We can advise in relation to regulatory compliance, disputes and can assist in drafting tailored agreements to protect your business and its products.

We advise on a range of digital and cyber law issues. Our areas of work include data protection and privacy regulations compliance; domain name disputes including cyber squatting and passing off; agreements including maintenance contracts, distribution agreements and licensing agreements.  In addition we specialise in all areas of social media law – see Social Media Law.