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Social Media Law

Social media has become one of the “buzz words” of recent years. It is defined as a group of internet-based applications that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content. Put simply, it is the use of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bebo, Flickr, Snapchat, etc.

Social media sites are easily accessible through mobile phones with the result that users can post comments online instantaneously at any time, 24/7.

We have a particular interest in the area of social media law. We specialise in advising businesses and organisations on suitable social media policies to govern its use.  There are numerous issues to consider – is an employee allowed to access social media sites from their work supplied computer or phone, can they mention or attribute their comments to you as your employee, do their contacts (if for business) belong to you or to them? What if an employee posts something inappropriate, either about your business itself or about someone or something else that can be attributed to you because they are your employee, and no policy exists?  A suitable social media policy can help deal with these and other issues – and protect you and your business or organisation.  In addition you may wish to integrate such a policy within an Email and Internet Policy, or even consider a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

We also advise on online defamation including social media, email and blog defamation and associated dispute resolution.  We advise businesses in relation to reputation management and individuals should they be the subject of unwarranted and untrue comments on social media sites.

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