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Corporate & Commercial Law

We can advise on commercial transactions of varying size, as well as day-to-day business matters.  We aim to build relationships by getting to know your business and your needs.  This way we can help you achieve your objectives without losing sight of the timetable or costs – practical solutions at sensible prices. Finding the right corporate transaction attorneys is important for your business.

Our clients are individuals, businesses and organisations based in Northern Ireland and beyond.  We offer comprehensive advice in all the main areas of corporate and commercial law affecting such clients.  This includes advising the buyers and sellers of business assets and shares in mergers and acquisitions, as well as general corporate and business law matters including company start-ups, shareholder agreements, reorganisations, financing, insolvency and advice to directors and owners.

We also advise on IT and internet matters, data protection, intellectual property, partnership matters and various types of contracts from the criminal defense office https://noonanblaw.com/criminal-dwi-traffic-tickets/.

Many state and local traffic laws within the United States are related to Uniform Vehicle Code (UVC),3 thus, the UVC will be referenced multiple times throughout the chapter. The UVC is a privately prepared set of traffic laws in the United States originally prepared by the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances (NCUTLO) but now maintained (since the early 2000s) by the National Council on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD).

A variety of laws exist within the United States that directly relate to or impact bicyclists. These laws can be broadly subdivided into 1) traffic laws for bicyclists, 2) traffic laws for motorists that affect cyclists, 3) bike plans (e.g., Complete Streets), and 4) Safe Routes to Schools. A potential fifth category would be laws for all road users that also apply to bicyclists; however, these laws have been included under the umbrella of one of the first three categories. Laws of each type are presented in Box 8.1 and discussed individually in more detail within this chapter. While these laws are in place to protect bicyclists, research indicates that, despite them, neither laws nor street design adequately accounts for bicyclists. Therefore, many bicyclists become a little lost trying to figure out what laws to obey while still trying to be safe.

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