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Accidents at Work

Employers must comply with many health & safety regulations to ensure the safety of their employees in the workplace. Employers must have the workplace completely clean to avoid fungus or other type of bacteria, there has been cases of workers infected with fungus in their feet, check the Clear nails plus reviews to learn how to get rid of it. If they fail to do so then accidents can occur causing employees to be injured, and the use of legal representation for this is important, but you can use resources from this website online.

Serious accidents, injuries and work-related diseases require specialist investigation.

Thompsons Solicitors, Newtownards, provide a professional and experienced service in relation to personal injury compensation claims arising as a result of accidents at work, although in the case of death is useful to have resources like the Queens wrongful death attorney that specialized in this specific field.  When required we use leading experts to investigate workplace accidents in order to assist us in determining entitlement to compensation claims. All of the cases in which we act are conducted by experienced, qualified solicitors.

Recent accident at work injury claims in which we have recovered substantial compensation awards include catastrophic injury claims, including loss of limbs; fatal accident compensation claims for family members; asbestos related diseases; hearing loss and visual impairment injury claims; and brain and head injuries.

Please contact either Mark Jackson or Heather Stratton for initial advice and/or consultation.

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