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Commercial Litigation

We understand that sometimes things go wrong in business and disputes arise. This could be a dispute with another business or an internal dispute between directors, shareholders or partners.

Disputes can be stressful and often complex matters and we will work with your business to resolve such issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We deal with all forms of commercial, corporate and business disputes. We give practical, straight forward advice to our clients and ensure in depth involvement in all aspects of the case.

We are tough and tenacious with our adversaries.

Our work is wide ranging and includes advice on litigation funding, contractual disputes, debt recovery, shareholder and partnership disputes, professional negligence, insolvency, breach of fiduciary duty/trust claims, defamation, directors’ and office holders’ liability claims, franchising, information technology disputes including domain name and website disputes, property disputes, restrictive covenants and intellectual property disputes.

Our approach is always commercial. We seek to avoid court proceedings if possible. We will advise on all forms of alternative dispute resolution and always look to secure a successful resolution at the earliest possible opportunity.

If litigation is unavoidable we employ strategic planning, technical expertise and cost efficient case management.

We will work with you at each step to reach an acceptable conclusion. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.